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Dress Up! [Sollux x Child!Reader x Karkat] Part 1
This was absolutely stupid. What did the two of them get themselves into? Seriously?
Sollux and Karkat sat at a small table fit for a child. Which being because they were looking after one, or 'babysitting' as the humans seemed to call it. They sat there with very unpleasant looks on their faces. Most of all Karkat though. Letting the little girl mess with their hair as she enjoyed herself. While they were dressed up in frilly dresses.
How did this happen?
Who knows.
How about a flashback?
"Sollux I need you, and Karkat to watch {Name} for me. I'm going out with Rose later tonight, and she won't be coming with us. So will you please look after her for me?" Kanaya asked as she stood in front of him waiting for a answer.
The bi-polar troll looked to the other. What? She wanted Karkat and him to look after her daughter. There was no way either of them were going to do that. They didn't know how to take care of a child. Let alone a wiggler. Both wigglers and children were very
:iconbaka-marshmallow:Baka-Marshmallow 207 69
Human!Kankri x Kid!Reader - Fairytales
Kankri watched as you sat on the floor, pushing you toy cars around and taming them into each other. It seemed to be a great source of fun to you. It also entertained Kankri, what with your silly sound effects and constant giggling. He sometimes even joined in on the fun.
As you shouted explosion noises - Boom! Kablooey! - Kankri kept an eye on the clock. Your parents made it very clear that they wanted you in bed before they got home at 9:00 p.m. It was already 8:30.
"[Name], I know you're having fun," Kankri said, "but unfortunately, I think it's time for bed."
You frowned. "But Mr. Kankri, can't I stay up a little bit longer?" Oh, the way you called him 'Mr. Kankri' tugged at his heartstrings, and you knew it, too.
"On any other occasion, I would say yes." Kankri sighed, "However, your mother and father made it very clear they wanted you in bed before they got home, and it's already 8:30."
"Okay..." You muttered with a sigh.
Kankri saw that you were upset, so he quickly thought of a
:iconxtanuki:xTanuki 520 184
.-:' QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE ':-. by Faustisse .-:' QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE ':-. :iconfaustisse:Faustisse 299 26
Kankri x Reader - Baby, It's Cold Outside
Outside of the cozy log cabin, a storm was brewing. Snow was blowing every which way, the temperature was dropping drastically, and there was no possible way that anyone was stepping foot outside. As long as the storm went on, people would be confined in their houses where they could stay safe in the hazardous conditions.
This didn’t bother you or Kankri one bit. The two of you curled up on the sofa in front of the fireplace. Kankri had gathered some logs before the storm began, so you were able to start a small fire - which ended up turning into a blaze. It definitely warm in the log cabin, that was certain.
However, you were still cold. You never understood why, but no matter how warm it was, you could still have bad chills. To help, you crossed your arms, hoping it would pack in a bit of heat.
Kankri noticed this and gazed at you with a concerned look. “Are you alright, [Name]?” He asked, “Are you feeling alright?”
You nodded. “Yeah, I’m fin
:iconxtanuki:xTanuki 623 114
Catbug Avatar by Kezzi-Rose Catbug Avatar :iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 1,047 172 CM - 122313 by PANS0L0 CM - 122313 :iconpans0l0:PANS0L0 568 14 CM - 122313 by PANS0L0 CM - 122313 :iconpans0l0:PANS0L0 645 15


In the dark, nobody can see you.
In the dark, nobody can feel your blood, trickling across the floor.  
In the dark, nobody can help you.
In the dark, you'll find me. 

I can hear your footsteps. running across the long hall's floor. Can you hear mine?
I can smell your scent. It's salty, but looks as tasty as a ripe cherry. Can I taste your blood?
I can feel your rapid shivers, with your small goosebumps running up and down your arms and legs. Are you cold?
I wish to taste your flesh. That pale, thin, layer of armor, protecting your gooey, tasty insides. Are you sweet tasting?
I can see you. You look like quite the mess there. Can you see me?
you can't?
All the better, my friend.

uhh, hi! so, its Alex, how are you? Good? Good. I'm one of the artists on here, its me and emma on here, just so you know. we share a account kuz were lazy. were soo happy that we have so manny people (not too much, but who cares?!) like us so fast! weee! ~Alex

 Wassup Bros, it's Emma. I'm 1/2 of StoryOfTime. I Share this account with Alex.she is the BESTTTT!!!. Im so glad that Alex showed me this! It's so awesome. We have our differ signitures on our paper if ur wondering. Mine looks like a bunch of scribbles :3 and alex's is like this: 'A'. I'm so graetful to have likes!!!! ~Emma


Alexandra Hill & Emma Kniivila
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
oh what? we did a jurnal entry for this!! GPOAIHGKALH im too lazy to change it. ;3 deal with it. ~Alex

ok maybe ill say that i do (and will) take requests, just ask, Alex, i love you so much because your awesome-ly awesome. will you use your humble right hand of glory to draw me a picture of justice? i'd like __________ on a magic paper from heaven please. <3


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